Microsoft Enterprise Licensing & Cloud Services

Minburn is one of only six Microsoft Licensing Solutions providers, eligible to deliver enterprise Microsoft license and cloud computing solutions to US government end customers.  For the past 12 years, our principal core competency has been supporting Microsoft Enterprise Agreements and delivery complex Azure cloud computing solutions to US government end customers and Systems Integrators.

Microsoft LSP

Minburn currently supports over 300 active Microsoft Enterprise and Server and Cloud Enrollments. Minburn is also Microsoft’s largest LSP partner providing Azure Secret to the U.S. Federal Government. Minburn is a true subject matter expert when it comes to managing Microsoft Enterprise Agreements and Azure service enrollments. The Microsoft Team at Minburn have decades of experience specializing in Microsoft solutions and hold key Microsoft partner certifications, including  Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Volume Licensing Specialist, Large Organizations. As a result, Minburn’s credentials and experience establish it as a unique subject matter experts in delivering enterprise Microsoft solutions.


At Minburn, we believe that focus is the key to long-term customer satisfaction. Our guiding philosophy is to do a few things exceptionally well rather than many things poorly.

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