What We Do Best

At Minburn Technology Group, we believe that focus is the key to long term customer satisfaction. Our guiding philosophy is that we would prefer to do a few things exceptionally well rather than many things poorly.

As a result, our company is focused on the following four core competencies:

Microsoft Enterprise Software Agreements:

Minburn holds the coveted designation of Microsoft LSP (Licensing Solution Provider) and is Microsoft’s only SDVOSB LSP. As a result, Minburn Technology Group is considered a subject matter expert when it comes to managing Microsoft Enterprise Agreements. Key members or the Minburn team hold the coveted:

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Volume Licensing Specialist, Large Organizations

As a result, Minburn Technology Group has established itself as subject matter experts when it comes to managing Microsoft Enterprise Agreements.

Consolidated Hardware and Software Procurement Support:

We also specialize in being a single point of contact for multi-vendor, enterprise-class hardware and software solutions. Minburn Technology Group enjoys strategic alliances with key technology vendors such as Citrix, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and APC among others.

Professional Services:

Minburn Technology Group is focused on providing long-term staff augmentation support to both commercial and federal government customers. We specialize in providing subject matter expert level resources focused on today’s most challenging IT needs including Citrix-based application delivery as well as multi-level security solutions.

Enterprise Maintenance and Support Contracts:

Many commercial and government organizations have become overwhelmed with the logistics and resources necessary to manage dozens or hundreds of separate maintenance and support contracts. When it comes time for your organization to consolidate and outsource an agency’s enterprise maintenance and support agreements, you can count on the experts at Minburn Technology Group to support all of your organization’s contracts.